About Us

Neowe Research & Development was founded in 2018 in order to develop a pipeline of innovative and profitable solutions for the emerging industry of connected medical devices. Our goals include creating products that will ultimately contribute to better outcomes for patients, reduce healthcare costs and connect new products to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

A Little About Our Team

We have focused our initial efforts on the bedpan which is a simple device used in hospitals and long-term care settings to collect bodily waste. The existing bedpan has not been improved for more than 200 years. Neowe Research & Development has created and patented a modern bedpan called Ouipan®. This device is innovative in its design to improve usability, and built in technology that connects it to IoMT, therefore, turning a “dumb device” into a “smart one.” Our team has done extensive research and has collaborated with top in industry experts to prove our concept. We have consulted with Dorothy B. Doughty [Former WOCN President], Harvard Research Teams and MIT Media Lab.

A Few Facts…

The development of pressure injuries and infections in patients from unattended and prolonged use of bedpans are underlying problems for patients, providers, and payees alike. Physical injuries to caregivers are common as they struggle with bedpan placement and the possibility of cross contamination. Healthcare providers are struggling to keep up with the demands of the new Value-Based Care Model. These problems contribute to poor patient experience, rising costs for healthcare payers (CMS and Private Health  Insurers), longer hospital stays, potential lawsuits and penalties being levied against healthcare providers  for poor outcomes.

% of HAPI formed around buttocks 0
% of HAPI Injuries Resultant of Bedpans 0
% of Patients That Experience Bedpan Discomfort 0

Our Management Team

Founder & CEO
Michelle Marshall, BS, MFA

Chair – Board of Directors
Neowe Research & Development
Inventor of Ouipan®
Twenty years in Healthcare Administration and ten years in Medical Device research

Chief Strategy Officer
André Campbell, MDiv., PKE-MBA

Co-Chair – Board of Directors
Neowe Research & Development
Twenty years in Strategy, Business Development, Global Product Distribution, Marketing and Sales

VP & Clinical Director
Yvonne Murillo, CCRN, WOCN

Neowe Research & Development
Thirty years as a Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse with emphasis in Wound Healing
Lymphedema Specialist

Board of Directors

Board Member
H. Melvin Ming, BBA

Certified Public Accountant
President & CEO of Sesame Workshop (Retired)
Former Vice President of Finance and Administration for National Public Radio (NPR)

Board Member
Mark Johnson, Esq.

Managing partner of Johnson | Dalal
Registered Patent Attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Licensed attorney with the Florida Bar
Mechanical Engineer
Florida Board Certified Expert in Intellectual Property Law

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