Ouipan, Providing Care at the Speed of Data
Ouipan® is a smart bedpan that combines unique design with state-of-the-art smart technology (sensors) and data analytics capabilities to optimize patient outcomes.
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“Faster and More Accurate Decision Making and Improved Quality”

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is transforming the way the world looks at healthcare by helping us understand the past, take corrective action in the present, and make informed decisions in preparing for the future.

Patient Experience

Streamlining the time-to-analyze processes through IoMT allows for prompt response and web-enabled data sharing.

Population Health

Realtime identification of risk factors within Primary Medical Care Home Delivery Models empowers health improvement.

Reducing Cost

Focus on IoMT, encouraging patient engagement, and reducing expenditures will reduce costs and improve care.

Care Team Well-Being

Deploying human-centered technologies that simplifies workflows and streamline processes for care teams.

Sometimes the Smallest Things Have the Greatest Impact

Secured using Blockchain technology, Ouipan delivers Real Time Data, Medical Grade Data, and Clinically Valuable Data that assists Providers in making Medical Decisions/Diagnosis in Hospital, Long Term Care, and Remote Home Settings.

Realtime Alert System

Samples are automatically analyzed and results are made available via the Ouipan app, triggering user-define alerts

Pressure Sensing Cushion

Ouipan continuously monitors surface areas and notifies users at the first sign of emerging irritation, reducing likelihood of injury

Medical Grade Data Collection

Ouipan transfers, stores, converts, and displays data in Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) format applicable to client monitoring

Web-Enabled IoMT Device

Ouipan is a clinical-grade smart device for health care use on the body, in the home, or in a community, clinic, or hospital settings

Ergonomic Design

Neowe Research is a leader in the application of ergonomics principles in medical device development.

Bio-Degradable Flushable Bag

Not only is the Ouipan ergonomically sound, it is also eco-friendly; the bio-degradable bags can be placed in a waste bin or flushed.

Better Outcomes Begin with Data Analytics

Hospitals and health systems can now link outpatient and inpatient data to create a more robust picture of each patient and to determine trends in outcomes on the practice, program, or system levels.

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